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A MESSAGE FROM President James Muyskens CONGRATULATIONS TO THE REMARKABLE MEN AND WOMEN OF THE CLASS OF 2012. There will be only a few times in your life when you can stop and savor your accomplishments, and this is one of those times. Enjoy it to the fullest. Your years of hard work and sacrifice have paid off as you are now a Queens College graduate. You should be as proud of yourself as we are of you. With degrees in hand, you will now move on to different fields to make a career, whether it be as teachers, doctors, artists, accountants, librarians, sociologists, or scientists. Your major has prepared you for success in your chosen field, but the liberal arts education you have received at Queens College has prepared you for something more. It has prepared you to tackle problems that can never be solved by breakthroughs in medicine or technology. It has prepared you for life. We are living through a time of remarkable change. The revolution in computer technology has made us rethink almost every part of our lives: how we read, how we gather information, how we listen to music, how we express ourselves, and how we stay in touch with other people. But for all the change we have seen and experi- enced, we are still wrestling with the age-old problems of war, hatred, and poverty. Indeed, I believe that the greatest challenge you will face is learning to adapt to a world that is always changing, while trying to solve those problems that stubbornly resist change. But do not let the problems of a troubled world rob you of your joy in life. And at the same time, do not let the joy you feel in your own achievements blind you to the fact that the world is waiting for your help, the world needs your unique gifts. Make your voice and your ideas heard. By doing so, you will be living up to the college's motto of Discimus ut Serviamus: We learn so that we may serve. During your years on campus you were part of a remarkable family. I hope you will still think of the college as part of your family and stay in touch with us. Let us know how you fare in the world, the jobs you take, the families you start, the careers you succeed in, even your ideas on how we at the college might do things differently. It has been my great pleasure to spend part of this eventful period in your company. I wish you every possible success in the future.

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